Justin Bieber’s New Selena Gomez Song Proves He’s Really Changing

The Biebs gave us a preview of a new romantic love song March 15, just a week after he and Selena with a bang (and lots of PDA) meeting. If you ask me, the ode to Selena – Justin and general behavior in the last week – shows that he finally agreed , if you want to be a man of one wife , you should, and to start acting .
Justin Saleena
All while Justin Bieber was in illustrious Miami – arrested and flirting with models – sources insisted that only HollywoodLife.com Selena Gomez remained his one true love, but it just did not. If that were the case, why was going crazy – why spend more time party trying to win the love of his life? Well, it took a while, but it seems that Selena Justin soulmate – and he’s finally ready to change their ways with him.

Justin Bieber : What new song Selena Gomez says it

You can hear when he sings : “Life is worth living “ in the preview of a song he posted on Instagram March 15 . The clip was exactly a week after Justin and Selena were out of their weekend meeting in Texas covered by in the dark at an arena laser tag, and is a proof that the musical “Baby” mentality and Singing priorities have totally changed – for the better.

Convert this proclamation – “life is worth living “ – so soon after Justin proves once again along with Selena , that reality has sunk finally into him, life with the love of your life is much better to deal with parts bought sports cars and models. And it is clearly afraid everyone see their growth to stop.

only the comparison of these new hopeful, romantic lyrics with lyrics Justin was in late 2013 the fee that you really see until he comes. This is a long way away from that, “You know women and how you want it to run in the mouth” line of the song, “all bad.”


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