Jon Hamm On Justin Bieber: He’s A ‘s–Thead’

The star of ‘Mad Men’ expresses his feelings for the pop star of Men’s Fitness. ‘Life skills are something that we need, “he said.


Jon Hamm had no problem calling Justin Bieber’s – thead “on its cover Men’s Fitness.

Better belieb Jon Hamm is not a fan of Justin Bieber.

The star of “Mad Men” covers the May issue of Men’s Fitness and had no trouble expressing his feelings for the 20- year-old singer.

“Look at Bieber or whoever,” he said. “You’re like, ‘ What the f – ? K man what are you doing, why not no one tell these people that do not, and it’s unfortunate.”

Hamm did not stop there.

” ( He should have ) a mom or a dad or a good friend who can say , ‘Hey, s – Thead ‘ “



The 43-year- old actor thinks Bieber and others like him , who seem to live a carefree life without thinking much about the consequences , should be brought back to the basics.

“You see people in the world and you’re like, ‘you know how a washing machine works you know how to wash a dish? ‘” He said.

“Life skills are something that we need … just s – t had to learn in life,” continued Hamm.

“There used to be a class that the children had to take in high school called home economics, which was cooking and sewing and just s – . T you needed to learn in life “


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