Justin Bieber ‘Struggling With Depression’ Without Selena Gomez

Last division Justin Selena is hitting you hard. So hard, in fact, that he is “struggling with depression and worthlessness,” a source told. Now everyone in your life is trying to encourage him, including his mother, who sent him an uplifting message on Twitter.
Poor Justin Bieber, 20! He is so lost and “empty” without Selena Gomez, 22, who is spiraling into depression! Now he is turning his friends, family and God to help you through your heartache Selena, a source said:

Depressed Without Justin Bieber Selena Gomez: It feels ’empty’ and only

Selena has always been the only constant in the tumultuous life of Justin, and now that they are no longer together, he is absolutely beside himself!

“He is questioning everything about your life at this time. Although he has millions in the bank, you feel empty and struggling with depression and worthlessness,” a source told. “Part of it was caused by her breakup with Selena. He always felt like I could fall back on that relationship.”

Now that Selena seems to be finally moving from Justin once and for all, who is seeking solace in another important relationship – your relationship with God? previously reported, Justin is putting his party on hold to focus on their faith and spend two weeks with a pastor – most likely out, spiritual advisor, Pastor Carl Lentz -. In Rancho Mirage, California was even spotted reading the book Occupy all streets, apparently taught to spread the word of God and refuse to succumb to temptation.

“People close to Justin were worried and came to the only person who always listens and looks to actually pastor, Carl Lentz,” our source reveals. “Justin was everything to him. There was no resistance on his part to go away for a couple of weeks for time alone, time with God and a time of spiritual growth.”


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