Justin Bieber Supports Everton… But He’s Not Hollywood’s Only Premier League Fan

Stallone, Hanks, Ferrell … there are some renowned superstars who have little common loyalties with teams from the Premier League


Justin Bieber: kicking Everton fans while they are down

As if things were not bad enough for Everton, and it turns out that Justin Bieber has chosen to support them.

Struggling in the bottom half of the Premier League, supporters of the blue half of Merseyside have not had the best weekend so far.

First, Jamie Carragher got everyone riled on Twitter – then tweet a ridiculous pop star stole the credibility who have spent decades developing:

Still, Everton are not alone in counting a big name Hollywood superstar among its fans. The question is, are any of these love stories rarer than Bieber and Everton football?

Tom Hanks and Aston Villa


this is a real quote from Hanks:

“I fell in love Aston Villa because I thought the name sounded like an island of Sardinia.”

Well, it’s as good a reason as any to support Villa.

Will Ferrell and Chelsea


Ferrell actually played “football” as a child, so apparently knows a little about the game. Not enough to realize shorts are unacceptable, mind you.
Spike Lee and Arsenal


we do not like to jump to conclusions, but Spike is perhaps the only name on this list who really likes football. It is assumed that even Thierry Henry wanted to appear in one of his films.

Well, Thierry has plenty of Va Va Voom …
Everton Sylvester Stallone


A shareholder of America Sly Everton had a game in 2007, while he was promoting the film Rocky end.

Did you like it? Well, put it this way. Probably he did not need method acting to play his character in Escape to Victory: goalkeeper who does not know what one is corner.


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